Green Software Writers

Green Software Writers

By: Community Working Group

Curating and creating written articles on the main GSF website and other important tech publications. They include interviews, thought pieces, summaries from other GSF projects, articles regarding new members, and various other announcements.

Sara Bergman
Sara BergmanSoftware Engineer
Aaron Reich
Abhishek Gupta
Asim Hussain
Elise Zelechowski
Neeru Verma
Rae Lyon
Sherry List
Toru Shimogaki
Ziliang Zong
Our Goal

Support GSF members who are interested in writing about Green software. We have guidelines and checklists to help guide the writer's content so it aligns with the themes of the Foundation. Our staff editor helps them craft their message and our staff illustrator helps bring their ideas to life with visuals.

How we work

We meet weekly every Thursday through Zoom to review and discuss new articles however we also work asynchronously through Slack and collaborate through Google docs.