SCI Open Ontology

SCI Open Ontology

By: Innovation Working Group

The SCI Open Ontology project aims to provide a unified representation of SCI and its application. The main aim of this project is to help practitioners define the software boundary of the SCI application in a unified way. The project would consist of several milestones (as listed in scope below) and the first milestone would be to create the base ontology and constructs for an SCI application.

Navveen Balani
Navveen BalaniChief Technologist - Technology Sustainability Innovation

As Organizations start to understand and apply the SCI specification, it is important we provide a common terminology which can be used and instantiated by downstream applications for either computing an SCI score for an application based on its dependency graph, reporting purposes, visualization, inferring changes between SCI scores, comparison of SCI enabled applications or any standardization requirements.

Going forward (based on consensus and future iterations) ,the SCI open ontology project can also be used as a lightweight storage and representation for all the SCI projects going forward. This will ensure a common terminology and representation being used for all the SCI projects.

How we work

This project works via consensus and voting. Our aim is to ensure all members agree on all changes to the specification, in the case where we cannot reach consensus we hold a vote.

We work entirely through GitHub, our GitHub repo is here. We first discuss ideas in the discussions tab. Once we are happy with the state of the discussion and are ready to make a change to the specification we move the discussion to a GitHib issue and start working on details of the pull request. Eventually one of the team members creates a pull request and we then have a process by which we agree on the merging of the P