Carbon CI Pipeline Tooling

Carbon CI Pipeline Tooling

By: Opensource Working Group

This project aims to build the capability to calculate the carbon emissions of an application via static analysis of the code and any infrastructure as code files in a repository.

Fergus Kidd
Fergus Kidd
@ Avanade
Akshit Batra
Chris Lloyd-Jones
Daniel Lazaro
Daryl Tejares
Dennis Delamida
Franziska Hesselfeld
Ismael Ibuan
Lu Wang
Malini S.
Navveen Balani
Rainier Mendiola
Sandhya Mahesh
Szymon Duchniewicz
Yassine El Ghali

This tooling covers the pipeline from a git commit, up to deployment, in a typical continuous integration/continuous deployment process.

This project fills gaps in the toolchain initially as a GitHub Action– and could support integration with existing tooling, like static code analysis tools for Green Software like CAST Green IT, and other future projects.