Meet Our Steering Committee: Thoughtworks

Posted on August 10th, 2021

Thoughtworks on green software and working with the Green Software Foundation

Meet Our Steering Committee: Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks is a global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and software engineering to enable enterprises and technology disruptors across the globe to thrive as modern digital businesses.

Sustainability is foundational to being a modern digital business and we develop technology solutions  that enable our clients to visualize, assess and take action on their carbon footprint.

What do you plan to achieve together with the Green Software Foundation, for your business and for the world?

 Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges faced by humanity and the tech sector contributes a rapidly escalating amount of emissions. At Thoughtworks, we believe that issues like climate change can only be resolved through global solidarity, with businesses, government and individuals working together to affect change. We joined the Green Software Foundation as founding members to help our clients, partners and the broader industry drive toward a more sustainable future together.

How does Thoughtworks see the future of green software? 

 For the technology industry to do its part in helping curb climate change, everyone involved in the design, development and delivery of software needs to be involved. There needs to be a cultural shift towards shared action and accountability for making our software more sustainable. We imagine a not-too-distant future where carbon footprint is a central consideration in how software is built—similar to the considerations of performance, cost, quality and accessibility today.  

 What challenges can get in the way of progress?

Measurement is a huge challenge. If, as an industry, we aren’t able to accurately measure the carbon emissions associated with our software, we won’t be able to improve and make progress. This will require new standards, tooling and approaches that are trusted across all industries and sectors. 

Adoption will also be a challenge. We need to make it easy for everyone involved in building software to get started, and improve over time with meaningful feedback loops. Quantifying and reducing the carbon emissions from software is a complex challenge, so we will need ways to simplify this process and make it part of business as usual.    

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