Meet Our Steering Committee: NTT DATA

Posted on September 7th, 2021 by Nilooka Dissanayake

NTT DATA on green software and the challenge of striking a balance between introducing technologies that enrich society and reducing CO2 emissions and the environmental impact.

Meet Our Steering Committee: NTT DATA

NTT DATA—a part of NTT Group— is a trusted global innovator of IT and business services headquartered in Tokyo. We help clients transform through consulting, industry solutions, business process services, IT modernization, and managed services. NTT DATA enables clients as well as society to move confidently into the digital future. We are committed to our client's long-term success and combine global reach with local client attention to serve them with more than 130,000 employees in over 50 countries.

What does NTT DATA plan to achieve together with the Foundation, for your business and for the world?

As a part of the NTT group, NTT DATA aims to achieve zero environmental impact following the vision, "NTT Green Innovation toward 2040".

Since the importance of IT systems will continue to increase throughout society, we will take responsibility as an IT service provider and work to reduce carbon emissions in the development and operation of software and systems themselves. In system development, we will work to establish new emission standards that reflect our efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote initiatives to change the awareness of system development within our own company and society as a whole. Through these activities, we will contribute to the primary goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 45% worldwide as an IT service provider and aim to realize a sustainable society where the environment and IT systems are in harmony.

How does NTT DATA see the future of green software? 

While digitalization is accelerating and society is becoming more affluent, the scope and role of software in society will continue to expand. At the same time, carbon emissions from the development and operation of such software will continue to increase, leading to a less sustainable society. NTT DATA believes that it is essential to reduce emissions further and improve power usage efficiency by working on technological innovation in the software that determines the efficiency of the hardware, networks, and data centers. NTT DATA believes it is essential to promote a carbon-aware software development style that effectively incorporates these technologies. Through the GSF activities, NTT DATA aims to make software greener by developing technologies to properly understand and reduce carbon emissions from software use, developing integrated development methodologies, and realizing them as practical tools.

What challenges can get in the way of progress of green software?

As represented by the ever-evolving AI technology, new technologies are being developed one after another in the IT field to enrich society and help solve social problems. On the other hand, these technologies' research, development, and diffusion may increase carbon emissions. The challenge for the software field will be to strike a balance between introducing these technologies that enrich society and reducing CO2 emissions and the environmental impact. We should solve these issues by discussing them with stakeholders, introducing new technologies, and building an eco-system that harmonizes the two.

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