Meet a Steering Committee Member: Yusuke Kobayashi of NTT DATA

Posted on December 3rd, 2021

Yusuke, the Manager Green Innovation at NTT DATA believes that we should motivate developers and users to benefit from innovative IT technologies, but without forgetting to consider their environmental impact.

Meet a Steering Committee Member: Yusuke Kobayashi of NTT DATA

Tell us about your  career path, interest in green software and your journey to GSF 

Working as a data scientist for more than ten years, I have discovered our clients' issues in various fields such as corporate, financial, and public sectors through data analysis and proposed business improvement plans. I also developed AI technology for infrastructure to solve social issues as R&D.  I believe IT technology can solve social problems and make our world more convenient. It also has a responsibility in terms of carbon emissions. I want to contribute to the challenge of balancing development and sustainability from the perspective of data science while taking responsibility as an IT engineer.

What do you, as an individual, expect to achieve by working with the GSF and in green software? 

Our familiar IT systems and services emit carbon. I want to spread this knowledge to help people understand and choose greener software. I also want to contribute to the development of tools and standards for realizing such green software from the data science point of view.

What obstacles do you see to the cause of green software? How can we overcome them? 

New innovative IT technologies and their benefits make people blinded so they forget to consider whether they are green or not. However, because the latest technologies solve other problems at the same time, it is important not to deny such developments. But we should motivate developers and users to aim for coexistence. We can educate them to go green by practicing the basic steps of measurement and take action for reduction.

Any other matters you would like to share with us in the cause of green software?

Using software consumes a great deal of energy and resources. Software development is also responsible for a lot of carbon emissions. I want to help establish standards that correctly reflect the reduction efforts in software development and standardize them so that all developers know whether they are developing green software. I want to actively work on building tools and best practices to support this.

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