Meet a Steering Committee Member: Jose Lopez Dominguez of Globant

Posted on November 30th, 2021

Jose, a Tech Manager at Globant imagines the very near future when he can use what he is learning and discovering with GSF within Globant and for the benefit of the whole world

Meet a Steering Committee Member: Jose Lopez Dominguez of Globant

Tell us about your  career path, interest in green software and your journey to GSF. 

Throughout my career in systems, after 10 years programming in .Net and other 5 years leading technical teams to help them meet their objectives, I went through many projects in various industries such as cinema, civil aviation industry, software industry, food, human resources, etc. Each one of them had their challenges. 

Nowadays I’ve found the greatest challenge of all: that is how to help the planet, changing the mentality I used to work with  and to go through a new course towards sustainability technology and discovering the exciting universe of Green IT. I imagine myself in the very near future being able to contribute within Globant and with the whole world what I am learning and discovering along with the GSF.

What do you, as an individual, expect to achieve by working with the GSF and in green software in general? 

Mainly, learn and contribute from my place to raise awareness in the way in which software teams have been developing to raise awareness with the use of resources. . 

What obstacles do you see to the cause of green software? How can we overcome them? 

The biggest obstacle to green software is the lack of consciousness of the impacts that we generate with the misuse of resources in software development. I think that by creating new, easy-to-use tools and giving information we can change the way we are developing and generating software.

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