Carbon Hack 22

Posted on September 6th, 2022

A contest for developers to build the best carbon aware software application with a total prize pool of USD 80,000

Carbon Hack 22

As the first event of its kind, the CarbonHack22 will run from 13th October - 11th November, coinciding with COP27 Decarbonization Day. Talented developers from around the globe will be engaged to build the best carbon aware application using the GSF Carbon Aware SDK.

“Carbon Awareness is one of the hottest topics in the green software space, and now with the Carbon Aware SDK, it’s easier than ever to build a carbon aware application,” said Asim Hussain, chairperson of GSF.

Learn more about the CarbonHack22 at

What’s the purpose of the contest?

With climate change looming, carbon awareness in software is becoming a must-have. Some electricity is generated through dirtier high carbon sources like coal and gas; some is generated from cleaner low carbon sources like solar, wind, or nuclear. Carbon aware software does less when the electricity is dirty and more when the electricity is clean. For instance, a carbon aware battery might charge only at the times of day when electricity is clean. Developing solutions will help decarbonize the electricity grid and significantly contribute toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon Aware SDK as starting point

The Green Software Foundation is creating the Carbon Aware SDK, an open source toolkit for building carbon aware applications. A collaborative effort from multiple corporate and non-profit partners, the Carbon Aware SDK will reduce the barriers for software practitioners in creating carbon aware applications. The carbon aware SDK has two parts, a hosted API as well as a client library available in 40 different programming languages.

Who stands behind the CarbonHack22?

The CarbonHack is a new annual contest hosted by the Green Software Foundation, a non-profit organization. This year’s Carbon Hack is sponsored by GSF member organizations Avanade, Accenture, Intel, Goldman Sachs, Thoughtworks, BCG, Globant, and UBS, with total prize money of over USD 80k. The winners of the 3 week event will be announced at COP27. There are no fees for participation as a contender. 

How can I participate?

To learn more and to enter the contest, go here.

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