Carbon Hack 24: Redefining Software Measurement for Sustainability with Industry Leaders

Posted on March 14th, 2024

The green software hackathon of the year.

Carbon Hack 24: Redefining Software Measurement for Sustainability with Industry Leaders

Sponsored by Accenture, Amadeus, Aveva, Sentry Software, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Nedbank South Africa, and NTT Data.

Carbon Hack 24 gears up for action from March 18 to April 8. Hosted by the Green Software Foundation (GSF), this event invites tech enthusiasts, developers, engineers, and design/UX professionals to redefine software measurement for sustainability.

The Core Innovation: Impact Framework (IF)

At the heart of this hackathon is Impact Framework (IF), an opensource measurement tool that calculates the environmental impacts of software by converting observable data from running systems, such as CPU utilization, page views, or number of installs, into environmental impacts like carbon, water, energy, and air quality in an auditable, replicable, verifiable, and transparent manner.

Hackers can showcase IF's versatility, injecting new features, optimize performance, or present non-code media to effectively communicate IF use and benefits.

“Hackathons are purposeful, which is why we love them! Every participant in Carbon Hack 24 is helping build a measurement tool that decentralizes impact measurement and democratizes data to compute and report the environmental impacts of software applications accurately,” says Asim Hussain, Executive Director of the GSF.

USD 40,000 Prize Pool

Nearly 400 practitioners are signed up, in the race to win USD 40,000 in total cash prizes across six award categories:

Beyond Carbon: Recognizing submissions that showcase the application of IF beyond carbon, including water, waste, and air quality impacts.

Best Plugin: Awarding the best model plugin that supports and enhances the Impact Framework model plugin ecosystem.

Best Content: Celebrating the best piece of content published about Impact Framework, be it an article, tutorial, video, or how-to guide.

Best Contribution to the Framework: Celebrating solutions that elevate the developer experience and make Impact Framework more user-friendly and efficient.

Best Undergraduate: A specific prize for outstanding projects from undergraduate students, drawn from across all categories.

Under 18: A dedicated prize for exceptional projects by students under the age of 18, drawn from across all award categories.

Industry Leaders Catalyzing Change

This event is sponsored by Accenture, Amadeus, Aveva, BCG X, Sentry Software, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Nedbank South Africa, and NTT Data, industry leaders in sustainability.

A few sponsors share their reason for supporting a revolution in software measurement:

“As generative AI and advanced software systems proliferate, understanding their environmental impact is paramount. Our sponsorship of Carbon Hack 24 reflects our commitment to fostering a greener future through collective action. This event is a rallying call to the software community to develop tools for measuring and managing technology’s ecological footprint, helping to contribute to a sustainable future for all.” Sanjay Podder, Managing Director for Sustainable Technology at Accenture and Chair of Green Software Foundation

“If we see a future with Industrial Digital Twins with AI insights then we see more power consumption from compute. We're proud to be sponsoring Carbon Hack 24 and driving more focus on green software development.” Daniel Lazaro, Senior Technical Program Manager, Aveva

“As the first Singapore government agency to join the Green Software Foundation, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) is dedicated to promoting sustainable computing to ensure our digital future is eco-friendly. This commitment is highlighted in this year's hackathon, focusing on the rapid implementation of carbon reduction strategies in software development and deployment.” Clifton Phua, Director of Labs, BizTech Group, IMDA

“While we all know the importance of lowering our carbon footprint, software usually feels cleaner than it is, furthermore one cannot improve without measuring. This year's hackathon, with the Impact Framework, should give that visibility and help us be more aware and responsible.” - Toru Shimogaki, NTT Data

“Sentry Software believes in the power of collective efforts and collaboration to address the environmental impacts of IT, which is why we’re proud to sponsor Carbon Hack 24. We are convinced the Impact Framework will bring significant value to the software community.” - Bertrand Martin, CEO, Sentry Software

Join the GSF in redefining software measurement for sustainability.

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