A truly energizing year in the rear view mirror - GSF in 2022

Posted on January 26th, 2023

A truly energizing year in the rear view mirror - GSF in 2022

A truly energizing year in the rear view mirror - GSF in 2022

View the report online or download the slide deck.

The GSF has grown to 38 member organizations. We are proud to count some of the most prestigious representatives of the ICT industry as our members. The GSF Annual Report covers our activities and achievements throughout last year. It’s a quick and exciting read, so don’t miss out on going through the full report. Here is a short overview.

Impactful Events

We were able to hold our first ever Global Summit in 2022, a grassroots event that focuses on our meetup community groups. With CarbonHack22 we held our first hackathon, a contest just for developers to come up with the most amazing ideas and solutions for carbon aware computing. It culminated in the announcement of the winners at our Decarbonize Software event during COP27.

Projects that moved the needle 

All our projects are taking big strides. Take the launch of speakers bureau, our in-house database of green software experts available to speak at events. Or the practitioner course, which was initiated to educate developers and other interested parties in all matters green software. And we were proud to release version 1.0 of our SCI, the software carbon intensity specification that allows to measure and improve the carbon footprint of software.

Laying the groundwork with the Theory of Change

The GSF refines its purpose and spells out a strategy. We aim to change how we build software, so there are zero harmful environmental effects. Our Theory of Change is the basis and the process we need in order to get to that future. We have identified three main areas where we will focus our resources and make a significant impact: Tech Culture, Knowledge and Tooling.

Discover the great things we have planned for 2023 and read the full 2022 Report.

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