PolicyWorking Group


  • Ensure the Foundation’s trademarks are being used correctly and in a context that doesn't diminish the Foundation's value.
  • Define guidance regarding when, how and in what context the Foundation’s trademarks can be used.
Chris Adams
Chris AdamsCo-Director
Elise Zelechowski
Elise ZelechowskiGlobal Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Sustainability, & Social Change
Abhishek Gupta
Adam Jordan
Adam Simmonds
Aishwarya Mande
Alexander Kroll
Andrew Cleland
Ankit Gupta
Anne Currie
Apoorva Sharma
Aravinth S.
Asim Hussain
Bess Alshvang
Bismaya Purohit
Brijesh Prasad
Chen Guo
Chris McClean
Chris Xie
Daniel Lazaro
Dean Bosche
Dhiviyalakshmi Achuthan
Erik Jokela
Frederico Pacheco
Guang Li
Jose Lopez Dominguez
Julie Combette
Kin Chiu
Kohei Ogawa
Kunal Malik
Markus Seidl
NIklas Aßmann
Naveen Kumar
Reece Nelson
Rekha Kodali
Richard Chavasse
Ruchi Shah
Sandeep Kaushal
Sandhya Mahesh
Santiago Fontanarrosa
Sarah Rench
Taka Tazawa
Yang Yang
Yogesh Sharma
Yusuke Kobayashi
Ziliang Zong

How we work

  • We work in the open, and use discussions on GitHub, along with a mailing list and slack channel, for async discussion. We pair this with weekly zoom meetings every Tuesday. We hold these at meetings at alternating times to account for members in Eastern and Western time zones, and you can see the minutes of every meeting on our repo on GitHub.

  • You don’t need to be a trademark lawyer to be part of the group, - but it helps to be curious about how the law is used to set norms for groups.