The Green Computing Grand Challenge (GC2)

The Green Computing Grand Challenge (GC2)

By: Opensource Working Group

The Green Computing Challenge is a competition where designers, developers, and other technical stakeholders come together in healthy competition to reduce the Software Carbon Intensity (SCI) of a software entity.

Navveen Balani
Navveen BalaniChief Technologist - Technology Sustainability Innovation
Chris Adams
Neeru Verma
Rakesh Siri

The vision is to make the GCC a bi-annual occurrence as it is run by the GSF directly. There
will also be offshoot versions run at various technology conferences and user groups.

This aim of the GCC project is to -

1. Bring together the green computing community 
2. To work on tangible approaches to reduce carbon emissions of software 
3. Produce educational materials to empower the next generation of practitioners. 

This aligns with our focus on actionable projects that are community-centred. 

This project ties in with the SCI specification being developed by the Standards Working
Group. This project also ties in potentially with work that might be done by the Innovation
Working Group. It also has synergies with the Community Working Group and its education

The write-ups from each of the GCC entries, after processing by the editorial staff, will be
used to create online educational material in the form of blogs, etc. that can be featured on the GSF website.